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Old “new kid” on the block

Contact: Bill Moll

Source:( years in the relative darkness of R&D and special projects, Bill Moll of Tactical Armz, (a division of Lutheriecorp Inc.), announces the launch of their civilian consumer products group at .

Primarily involved in firearms suppressor and weapons systems research and development for military and law enforcement applications, Moll is convinced that the American consumer can, and should, be able to acquire very high quality, and yet very affordable NFA firearms and suppressors for personal use.

“With state of the art computer aided technology”, Moll says, “economy of scale is maximized while very tight tolerances can be held easily”. Going on, “There is absolutely no reason why a highly efficient, and superior quality can needs to cost an arm and a leg.”

Tactical Armz produces sound suppressors in all of the most common calibers starting at an MSRP of $225. and offers custom, one off, work as well.

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