Tools for Firearms:


There are some basic tools that should be in my opinion a necessity in every shooters tool box regardless of the type of firearms you service. Below is a list of what I use. I will also add separately tools for specific firearms like an AR15, 1911 pistol etc. Do yourself a big favor and don't buy the cheap import stuff or you'll end up with stripped screws, marred finishes and who knows what else. Also try to make sure you work in a neat and clean are to make dropped parts easier to locate, work in an un distracting area so you don't get mental lapses and put something together incorrectly or leave a critical part out. Use a gun vise or cradle on a bench when possible. This will free up your hands for the task at hand. Use a soft clean bench mat to prevent marring of the firearms finish. When possible I've included a link (green text) where the tools can be purchased.

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Basic Gun Tools

Tools for an AR15 and Clones

If working on an AR-15/M-16 or M4 is what you do on a daily basis Brownells has Armorers Tool Kits for these fine rifles. Be sure to check out the video demonstration and tool list here.

View This Page for more AR-15 Tool Information

Revolver Tools

Semi Auto Pistols Tools

Shotgun Tools

Tools for Various Other Military Style Weapons

Bolt Action Rifle Tools

Tools for Installing Optical Scopes and Sights

Precision Shooting Products Available at image