03-25-2011- If you live in a highly populated part of the Unites States chances are your gun rights are either under attack or perhaps they are about to be. Aside from the usual HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE BAN discussions 2011 has begun with crazy talk about ammunition. If they cant take away our guns they want to take away our bullets. Inspired by this talk I decided to pick up a little more ammunition then I normally have on hand and seal it up for long term storage. But more than that I want to have an ammunition plan. As I have pondered this AMMO topic it occurs to me that to many folks have all their eggs in one basket. By this I mean they keep all their ammo at their home. For my peace of mind I'm going to store some ammo at places OTHER than my home. That way in the event of a natural disaster or Zombie Attack the chance of losing all my ammunition will be slim.

03-26-2011 - Spent the day doing a lot of reading and a path is starting to develop. One thing I am not concerned with is underground storage. That's a whole different ball of wax and as an apartment dweller in the city it's not really an option.

Bought some stuff today. I ordered two MTM AC50 AMMO CANS. They are dimensionally similar to the metal military surplus ammo cans. I'm hoping they work out for the ammo but if they don't I will still put them to good use. In addition to the MTM AC50 I began the process of ordering the ammo.

So far here is what I'm thinking needs to be addressed:

  1. Location - Locate 3 or 4 places off site to keep ammunition safely long term. The most obvious place is with other shooting buddies within 15 miles of my home. Other options could be friends and family. Assess your choices will be free from natural disasters, theft, misuse or neglect.
  2. Storage Container - To be determined
  3. How to Store the Ammunition - In loaded magazines? factory packaging? combination of both? To be determined.
  4. Control Dampness and Moisture - This was the easiest part. SILICA GEL DESSICANTS are very cheap and work well. I looked at buying the material in bulk and making my own canisters but it is actually cheaper to buy standard offerings from folks like Brownells. Check out their selection here.
  5. Calibers - .223/5.56, .308 Winchester, .45acp, 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson, .22LR, .38 Special. Ill discuss these decisions later.
  6. Quantity - To be determined

Ill keep this post updated as I go so keep checking back. Eventually when I dial all this in I will make an article out of it.

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